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One thing that adds beauty to any house is shiny, vibrant hard-wood flooring. Dull looking, scratched and worn floors, on the other hand, can detract from the beauty of any decor. Many people tend to avoid refinishing their hardwood floors because of the mess that comes with sanding, but sanding isn't the only way to restore the beauty to hardwood floors.

What Causes Dull Lifeless FloorsGenerally, hardwood floors are covered in a hard, polyurethane coating to protect the finish of the floors. When it dries, the hard shell prevents all but the worst of damage to the floors. Scratches and worn spots are usually in the polyurethane, not in the wood itself. Unless the damage extends all the way through to the bare wood, sanding usually isn't necessary to restore the floor.

Non Sanding systemIn chemical refinishing, a three step process is used to restore the hardwood floor. First a chemical sander is used to remove damage to the existing polyurethane coat. This is a liquid applied to the floor. After that, the floor is coated with a bonding chemical. Last, the final clear coat is applied. While this process isn't recommended for a beginner, a knowledgeable home owner should be able to use chemical refinishing to restore hardwood floors. Look for chemical refinishing products at local home stores or from a hardwood flooring company. Or call as at 978 365 3348 visit us at